Hi, I'm Pauline.

Pauline Vos

I'm a software engineer and speaker from Amsterdam. This is where I write about techy stuff (often Git), or whatever I feel like in the moment. Hire me to teach your team about Git!


I'm not drunk, this is my personality.

Illustration of people collaborating remotely.

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Remote working guidelines

We have offices across two different countries, and people regularly work from home. This makes communication pretty challenging, which...

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A Bit About Kanban

I have a lot of feelings about Kanban. Mostly because I’ve had brilliant experiences with it, and I see it go wrong so often. As with...


Fix bugs ⚡ fast with regression tests and auto-bisect

Even if you have amazing test coverage (don’t we all?), chances are you’ll still run into unexpected behavior in your...


Welcome to Amsterdam

I originally wrote this post for people coming over for DutchPHP, but decided to keep it updated over time.  The city’s traffic...


Let’s dust off the toolbox (for 24 Days in December)

Andreas Heigl from 24 Days in December invited me to write something for today’s publication. Thank you for having me! Here’s...

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Retrospective: The Bear

At a previous employer, when I took over the Scrum Master role from someone else, I did the first retro as sort of a light-hearted joke....


Git Legit cheatsheet

I’ve given my talk about best practices in Git a few times now, and I’ve had several people come up to me asking if I’m...


Atomic commits will help you git legit.

I’ve given a talk (Git Legit) a few times that basically makes a case for atomic commits. I’ve created a cheatsheet to go with...